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Alternatives to Guardianship:

American Bar Association Practical Tool for Lawyers: Steps in Supporting Decision-Making
Alternatives to Guardianship – Montana Transition & Employment Projects
Introduction to Supported Decision-Making
How to Make a Supported Decision-Making Agreement
Adult Guardianship Factsheet
Alternatives to Guardianship Manual

Assistive Technology:

Disability Rights Montana Assistive Technology

Centers for Independent Living:

Independent Living Centers


Disability Rights Montana Student Rights Handbook
Disability Rights Montana Education Resources


DPHHS Vocational Rehabilitation
Pre-Employment Transition Services
Montana Works Job Service
Job Connection
Reach inc.
QLC Vocational Support Day Programs
Job Accommodation Network


Rural Dynamics
MSU Financial Power of Attorney


Visit Ability
USDA Buy, Build, or Repair a Home
HUD – Montana

Parent Training Information Center:

Montana Empowerment Center

Social Security Benefits Planning:

Work Incentives Planning and Assistance Program
Ticket to Work


MDT Public Transit
MDT Office of Civil Rights
DPHHS Public Transit
DPHHS Travel Resources
DPHHS Montana Healthcare Programs Medicaid – Transportation
DOJ Driver Licensing
Car Modifications for People with Disabilities


Disability Rights Montana Voting Resources

Youth Transition Advocacy:

Montana Youth Leadership Forum
Montana Youth Transitions