Disability Rights Montana Protection & Advocacy for Voter Access (PAVA) program allows us to ensure people with disabilities have access to voting through voter education, training of voter officials, polling place accessibility surveys, and other activities meant to improve access to voting.

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10 Tips for Voters with Disabilities: The following tips from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission examine the options available to help voters with disabilities vote privately and independently.

Disability Etiquette

Voters with Disabilities: What Voting Staff Should Know

People-first Language

Montana Electronic Ballot Request System: Montana’s Statewide Elections have various options for voters with disabilities or voters who need special assistance, including the new Electronic Ballot Request System (EBRS), available for state and federal elections beginning 30 days before Election Day and through noon the day before Election Day.

Montana Large Print Voter Information Pamphlet: Information and tips about voting in Montana provided in a large print format.

Montana Audio Voter Information Pamphlet: Information and tips about voting provided in an audio format.

Designate an agent to assist you with the voting process (form): Deliver the signed application to your local election office.

How to use an AutoMARK: The AutoMARK® ballot-marking system provides autonomy to voters who are blind, visually impaired, or have a disability or condition that makes it difficult to traditionally mark a ballot.