Disability Rights Montana aims to protect and advance the rights of adults and children who have disabilities so that they can freely exercise their own life choices, enforce their rights, and fully participate in their community life. Below you will find state and local resources with information and technical support to empower advocacy and self-advocacy. Click here to see our priorities, or here to request our services.

Links to other services

Montana DPHHS – Developmental Disabilities Program
(406) 454-6091, (406) 657-2312, (888) 866-3822 (Voice/TTY), (406) 454-6082 (fax)
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm

Eagle Mount
(406) 454-1449, (406) 454-1780 (fax)

Ravalli Services Corporation
(406) 363-5400
Helps individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities find inclusion and integration within their communities by providing a broad base of professional support for the home, work, and community environments in order that each individual thrives.

CMMC/Social Services
(406) 535-7711
Provides case management for adults with developmental disabilities, including assessment, planning, monitoring and advocacy services.

Reach, Inc.
(406) 587-1271
Reach provides group homes and supported living along with vocational opportunities such as finding a job and workshops to learn/enhance skills for those with developmental disabilities.

Quality Life Concepts, Inc.
(406) 452-9531, 1-800-761-2680 (Montana only), (406) 453-5930 (fax)
A non-profit agency that is dedicated to providing specialized and individualized services and supports to individuals with developmental needs and their families

BSW Incorporated
(406) 683-5773
Residential and vocational services for those with developmental disabilities

(406) 442-7920 and (800) 200-9112
Provides mental health and educational services to effectively meet the diverse needs of children and families facing emotional challenges, residential treatment, community-based resources, and community trainings.

Montana Autism Center
Proactively helps individual, families, and professionals thrive in this age of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Family Outreach
Family Outreach is contracted to provide early intervention services for eligible children, birth to 3 years of age, in Southwestern Montana.

Montana Council Developmental Disabilities
As a Council MCDD is committed to promoting creative ways that families, service agencies and federal, state, local and tribal governments can help people with disabilities to live more independent, fulfilling lives.

Cerebral Palsy Group