Disability Rights Montana continued to monitor the progress Montana counties have made to improve accessibility in their programs and services through our ongoing County Services Project. Even though it has been more than 30 years since the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, in Montana, there are still accessibility barriers to services in some counties. These barriers can prevent Montanans with disabilities from exercising even the most basic of their civil rights. Through a system of identifying accessibility issues with county service locations and then working with counties to improve access, DRM is helping to improve the lives of Montana citizens. We have been conducting accessibility surveys of the county buildings and services in Montana since 2004.

If you would like for us to survey your site for ADA Accessibility, please email us at Advocate@DisabilityRightsMT.org.

Each time we have used an accessibility survey based on the prevailing federal standard in place at the time of the survey, the most recent of which is the U.S. Department of Justice’s 2010 ADA Standards of Accessible Design. Comprehensive Surveys include not only the physical accessibility of the county service buildings, but the availability of modifications in the provision of services, such as the availability of TTY, a type of text telephone device, which is used for communication with county residents with hearing impairments.

After we gather the information, we classify each county as high, medium, or low priority, with the counties with the greatest accessibility problems designated as the highest priority. We then provide our findings, information about the standards, and ways to address inaccessible features to the officials of each county surveyed.

If you wish to use the survey tool DRM used to conduct the surveys, you can download the forms here:

Form B Appendix I – Ramps
Form C Appendix II – Elevators
Form D Appendix III – Lifts
Form E Appendix IV – Door Clearance
Form F Appendix V – Restrooms
Form G Appendix VI – Passenger Drop Off Area
Form H Appendix VII – Communications
Form I Appendix VIII – Courtroom
Form J Appendix IX – Detention Facilities