Theresa Baldry has been a member of the DRM Board of Directors since January 2015. Theresa believes Protection and Advocacy organizations are essential in the lives of individuals with a disability. She wanted to serve on the DRM Board to both raise her awareness of issues and needs in Montana and ensure the dignity of individuals with disabilities. Theresa was elected President of the DRM Board of Directors in January 2017.

Theresa has worked with Parents Let′s Unite for Kids (PLUK) since 2001, assisting families in gaining knowledge of their rights and supporting them to achieve inclusion and equality. In December 2015, Theresa reduced her hours at PLUK to half-time when she accepted a half-time position in the Transition and Employment Projects at University of Montana Rural Institute as the project coordinator for the Pre-employment Technical Assistance Center.

Theresa is the mother of a son with a disability. Theresa and Isaac have worked together to promote his independence and inclusion in their home community for school, work, and recreation.