Becky holds a degree in social work from Carroll College-Helena, Montana, where she graduated with honors in 1987. She worked for the Department of Public Health and Human Services in a variety of programs, ending her 30 year career as the Bureau Chief of the Quality Assurance Division’s Licensure Bureau. As the chief of this section, Becky oversaw all regulatory and licensing activities for children’s day care, health care facilities and youth residential/community services.

During her tenure with the Department, Becky was appointed by the US Attorney General to serve a term with the National Crime Prevention Compact Council, where she participated with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in setting policy for the non-justice use of criminal records information. Becky has also contributed to the regulatory field by serving as a member of the Board of Directors for the National Association of Regulatory Administration (NARA), and also as a consultant/trainer for this same organization.

Becky’s knowledge of the federal and state regulatory processes governing the administration of human services programs in Montana along with her strong leadership and advocacy skills will be an asset to DRM. Becky has been assigned to work in the organization’s Abuse and Neglect work unit, which protects people with disabilities from abuse, neglect, isolation, and other violations of their civil rights while they are institutionalized or otherwise placed in state care and custody.