May 28, 2018

Christiane Rudmann

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Christiane is originally from Germany where she earned a BA/MA in Intercultural Studies. Her research into nonprofit organizations and how they support Native American artists has taken her to Alaska and to the Pacific Northwest for extended periods of time. She moved to Montana full-time in 2014.

Throughout her life, Christiane has worked to create compassion and understanding between people of different backgrounds, always advocating for and speaking up on behalf of people less fortunate. Mental illness in her circle of friends and family has made Christiane utterly aware of the struggles and stigma people with invisible disabilities face on a daily basis. It has led her to encourage her loved ones to seek treatment and to provide support wherever possible.

In her spare time, Christiane can be found exploring the natural beauty of Montana with her husband Steve and their dog Koa, who is in training to become a Psychiatric Service Dog. She loves to work in her yard and to talk at length with her family and friends back in Europe.

May 28, 2018

Roberta Zenker

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Bobbie is the supervising attorney for the Core Services work unit. As supervisor, she oversees all of the requests for service that come through Disability Rights Montana.

When it comes to work, it is all about the people. Bobbie gets the most from her day when listening and talking with others. Service in little ways and big ways make her tick.

Bobbie has worked in public/human services for all of her professional career, whether in child care treatment or the law, both as a prosecutor and appellate defender. When asked what she brings to the fight, she answers “gloves.” She loves to argue and knows how to fight for people’s rights.

When away from work, Bobbie’s interests are photography, gardening, music (guitar), woodworking, cooking and baking, biking, hiking, and shopping.

Bobbie has a BA in photography and fine arts. She has also done Masters work in child care administration, and in 1992, received a juris doctorate degree from the University of Montana School of Law.

May 28, 2018

Ray Williams

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Ray works with the attorneys at Disability Rights Montana doing research, drafting legal documents, and finalizing briefs for state district court, federal court, and the Supreme Court. Ray previously worked in workers’ compensation, water law adjudication for the Idaho Attorney General’s office, and for the State Bar of Montana. Ray attended Montana State University and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science in 1993 and the Denver Paralegal Institute in 1994.

When Ray was a young child, his father was disabled in an accident which forever changed Ray’s family. There were no advocates for people with disabilities at that time so Ray’s opinion about the need for disability rights is shaped by the struggles experienced by his father and his family.

Ray was born and raised in rural Montana. He enjoys the outdoors, football, and spending time with his family. Ray is also an animal lover and has two beloved dogs.

May 28, 2018

Eva Belatski

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Eva is an advocacy specialist for the Discrimination, Employment, Benefits, and Access Work Unit. She advocates on behalf of individuals with disabilities to ensure that their employment rights are being protected, as well as makes sure the legal rights of individuals who are beneficiaries of Social Security are being protected in their efforts to return to work. Additionally, she assists in discrimination cases pertaining to accessibility and public accommodations.

Eva worked as an advocate for Disability Rights Vermont before joining us in 2018. During her time at Disability Rights Vermont, Eva worked to protect individuals with disabilities from abuse, neglect, and other serious rights violations.

Eva earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and graduated magna cum laude from Castleton University in Vermont. She then received a Juris Doctorate degree from Vermont Law School.

When away from work, Eva enjoys being outdoors whether it is exploring new places, going camping in her vintage camper, hiking, canoeing, or biking.

May 28, 2018

Kelli Kaufman

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Kelli manages the financial and administrative services of Disability Rights Montana.

She believes in the purpose of our organization and respects the work that our staff does on behalf of individuals with disabilities. Because of the work that they do, Kelli says she has a very fulfilling job.

Kelli has been with Disability Rights Montana since 1998. Prior to her employment with Disability Rights Montana she worked 14 years for a non-profit agency that provides residential and work services for individuals with developmental disabilities. Kelli has extensive knowledge of non-profit accounting and finance.

Kelli says she has been blessed with four wonderful grandchildren as well as a terrific family. She enjoys many outdoor activities that include camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, and riding horses.

May 28, 2018

Kathy Hampton

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Kathy manages data reporting for Disability Rights Montana, using a nationwide, secure database used by each state’s Protection and Advocacy agency. Kathy also works as an advocacy specialist in the CAP program.

Kathy really enjoys the people at Disability Rights Montana and is very proud of the work our agency does. She helped establish our new facility, making it a happy home for us and for members of the disability community.

Kathy worked previously for 17 years with Montana Legal Services Association. Before that, she worked as an x-ray technician, performing cobalt radiation therapy for cancer patients.

Kathy enjoys working in her yard and being with her yellow lab.

Kathy is from Helena and attended Carroll College and the University of Montana, Helena. She received a Radiology Technician degree from St. Vincent’s School of Radiological Technology; she also trained at the Great Falls Cancer Center in cobalt therapy.

May 28, 2018

Faun Pullin

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Faun coordinates our front office and makes sure everything runs smoothly. She says working with the public is very rewarding. Faun has worked with the disability community for many years. She worked at Helena Industries for more than four years. Her experience working there as a secretary/receptionist and supervisor to the janitorial crews gave her insight on the obstacles that people with disabilities face in that community. That experience lead her to Disability Rights Montana.

After high school in Helena, Faun graduated from the local cosmetology college and studied floral design in Aurora, Colorado. She returned to Helena and became a business owner, operating a local floral shop for 12 years. After a break from the flower business, she went to work at Disability Rights Montana, answering phones and providing administrative support.

Faun enjoys camping with her dog, Ali, in Montana’s great outdoors and says her favorite place is a secret beach on Canyon Ferry. She has many pets, and is an avid collector of elephants (not real ones). She also enjoys fishing, hiking, and working in her yard.

May 28, 2018

Christine Simonich

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Christine is a 3rd generation native Montanan who grew up in Bozeman, Montana. After graduating from high school, she lived in Hollywood, California, for about two years to study Bass Guitar at Musicians Institute. Christine found herself not liking the city life and moved to Helena where she received a BA in Public Administration from Carroll College and she began her career in social services. For the next 25 years she worked with children and adults with disabilities through various community agencies in the Helena area.

In Christine’s free time, she is the owner of Simonich Knives, LLC, where utility knives targeted for military service men and women are produced. She enjoys road trips to soak in the many natural hot springs across the state, loves attending American Indian Ceremonies, and spending time with her loved ones, and her dog, Zulu, and cat, Kudos.

Christine’s life work has led her to become a natural advocate for Veterans, Native Americans, and to those who experience disabilities. She is thrilled to be working at DRM and feels she is ‘at home’ with her position as a Core Services advocate.

May 26, 2018

Bridgitt Erickson

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Bridgitt holds a Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where she was elected Phi Beta Kappa, and graduated summa cum laude (4.0) in 1985. She earned a Juris Doctorate in 1988 from Creighton University Law School, a private Jesuit University in Omaha, where she began her career prosecuting child abuse and neglect.

After 20 years in trial practice, including both prosecution and defense of death penalty cases, Bridgitt served for six years as the Chief Hearing Officer for the Montana Dept. of Public Health & Human Services. In March 2014, she was appointed to the Federal Register of Administrative Law Judges.

Bridgitt’s knowledge of federal and state regulatory law and processes governing the administration of human services programs now serve DRM as the supervising attorney for DRM’s Abuse & Neglect work unit, which protects people with disabilities from abuse, neglect, isolation, and other violations of their civil rights while they are institutionalized or otherwise placed in state care and custody.

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