Support Disability Rights Montana and become eligible for great prizes by entering the 28th annual Montana Shares Raffle. Montana Shares is a partnership of nonprofit organizations working to build better communities across Montana. Contributions to member groups are made through Montana Shares each year during statewide workplace giving campaigns.

Through Montana Shares, Disability Rights Montana is able to raise thousands of additional dollars through workplace giving each year and raise public awareness within state agencies and the more than 80 other workplaces that take part in the annual giving campaign. All ticket sales of the raffle support Montana Shares in its efforts to help Disability Rights Montana and other nonprofits diversify fundraising and raise public awareness.

This year’s raffle tickets are $10 per ticket, 3 tickets for $25, 6 tickets for $40, or 18 tickets for $100. You can click here to view a list of prizes and print tickets or click here for a sheet of 18 tickets. To enter the raffle, return your tickets along with a check to: Montana Shares, P.O. Box 883, Helena, MT 59624. Tickets must be received by Montana Shares before September 16th.

You need not be present to win. Winners will be notified by mail and will be posted within two weeks after the drawing on Montana Shares’ website.

Thank you for your support of Montana Shares and Disability Rights Montana.